I’m Callan, but please call me Cal. You’ll very quickly learn that I don’t take things too seriously. Let me ramble.

I’m a person, man, giant, mountain biker, road cyclist, car enthusiast, cat enthusiast, dog patter, coffee drinker, weightlifter and explorer. I’m an introvert, extrovert, listener, dreamer and photographer. I love sunrises, sunsets, candid moments, long walks on the beach, cliches, puns, beautiful light and black & white photos.

I have 5 cameras and an iPhone. I think? I lost count a long time ago. The iPhone camera is my favourite.

I love spontaneous travel. I don’t like sitting still.

Many years ago I picked up a camera, and I never really put it back down again. I’m passionate about creating beautiful images that last a life-time.

I am a wedding photographer, not a businessman. My consistent, candid, unobtrusive style produces fun and natural photos without awkward poses. Who wants to be bossed around by a photographer all day, anyway?

Be yourselves and relax.

Enjoy your wedding day the way you want to.